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Are You Trying to Run your CFD/FEA Simulations using online Cloud Computing Platform?

Updated: May 17, 2020

This week we are trying to list the most used CFD and FEA online platforms for Cloud Computing platforms. If you running out computational power, or you are searching for ways to run CFD and FEA Simulation and Pay As You Go, I think online and Web-based platform can offer a very good on domain solution.


1- AWS for CFD Cloud Computing - intro to Computational Fluid Dynamics for Motorsport - By Neil Ashton

CFD is the mainstay for engineers to improve product designs and rapidly develop viable prototypes. By running CFD applications in the cloud, users can replace large upfront costs with flexible payments that only charge for the simulations actually run. Fluctuating demand makes CFD ideal for cloud computing and on AWS’ scalable cloud infrastructure, engineers get the option to configure their infrastructure to match their application needs.

Also You can check OpenFOAM on AWS using CFDDFC command line supported by CFD Direct, The video below demonstrat how to start openfoam on the Cloud.


2- TotalCAE Platform 2020 – Unified Solution for HPC Managed Clusters and Cloud

  • TotalCAE has released our 2020Q1 version of our platform which unifies many of our popular tools into a single release, all managed by TotalCAE.

  • Submit to HPC clusters and cloud hundreds of CAE applications in just a few clicks. Advanced CAE application integrations. Demo of LS-DYNA integrations including time remaining, sense switches, automatic include file pre-processing, license aware scheduling, monitoring and more.

  • Integrated billing, budget controls for cloud. CAE application monitoring with TotalCAE watchdog to alert you when something looks amiss with your simulation by examining the job output and emailing you when it finds issues. Data analytics for clusters utilization and reporting, node analytics, license usage analytics, and storage capacity planning.

  • Command line submission in addition to the Portal submission.

  • Data management that automates categorizing all simulation data and information needed to re-create it, so you can perform a google-like search on your engineering data months. or years later to find past simulations. Example uses are to find all models that used a particular material, or find simulations related to a specific product or program.

The Website offer number of CFD solvers such as Fluent, CFX and many other ANSYS products. Check out the for example How to run STAR-CCM+ on TotelCAE.


3- SimScale - Online Web-based OpenFOAM and LPM Platform

By now you may already used or at least heard about SimScale, if not check out their website. SimScale offer CFD, FEA, and thermal simulation web-based platform to setup CFD and FEA and simulations and run them directly on the cloud. users can directly use their web browser instantly to access a full-fledged HPC-powered simulation platform on. Users can access up to 96-core machines, plenty of simulation features, and learning resources to become part of an international community of more than 150K engineers.

Anyone can create an account for FREE and access up to 8 cores for FREE to run openFOAM, CHECK out the online community for opensource ready-made cases.


4- Kaleidosim - The Online OpenFOAM HPC

We had a closer look at KaleidoSim to run sum CFD simulations using their web-based platform, and the experiences were extra special. KaleidoSim offer FREE CPU hours once you Registration online.

The good thing about KaleidoSim is the ability to run a number of simulations concretely and also to run different versions of openFOAM (which is a disadvantage of AWS as they only use OF v7). They also offer a very attractive pricing: PAY AS YOU GO kind of plan for as many core hours as you need with No auto-renewal or monthly fees are applied and a core hour only costs $0.12!

To run a simulation on Kaleidosim, one just need to set up the simulation on his local machine, compress the case, and updated it to their HPC to run (SIMPLE enough!). To learn more you can simply follow up their tutorial.


5- Cloud HPC

Similar to Kaleidosim, Cloud HPC offers a web-based simulation platform. However, one extra advantage is that Cloud HPC offers a wide range of software directly using the cloud HPC system see below.

On registration, Cloud HPC offers FREE 300 Core hours to play with ;)

Also, they offer New versions and updates to the CFD and the FEA software cloud cluster to take advantage of your simulation and analysis.

We could not find any English tutorials explaining how t use their platform, but we are going to try and make some English tutorials using OpenFOAM on Cloud HPC


5- Rescale

We found Rescale to be a complete (yet complex) CAE multiscale solution. Rescale designed with simulation engineers and scientists in mind, Rescale's simulation platforms provide a secure and engineering-friendly application environment. The straightforward and customizable workflow enables users to solve even the world's most demanding simulation problems. They support a wide variety of simulation software including commercial, open-source, and custom codes. We found a nice demo for Rescale CFD solutions using StarCCM, yet you can check their website to know more about their solvers and offering.


6- OpenFoam on Azure




8- Drizti


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