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Simulation Hub 

Ready-To-Run Simulation cases made using Open Source codes to support the CAE community advancements

Upload your CFD simulation directly to our community-based website and help others to learn more about the complex case setup. 

We encourage users to upload complete cases using opensource tools such as OpenFOAM. 

The platform is designed to advice full case setup as following: 

Helping the CFD Community 


Ready to run case which includes ( Mesh, Complete boundary condition setup, solver setup).


Instruction on how to run it locally or on a cloud base platform


Preferable to include a scripted pipeline, facilitating a complete simulation automation


Users are asked (temporarily) to Upload their Simulation cases to Open access Repositories such as (Media Fire, GrabCAD and/or Github) and attach link direct below

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Pseudo-2D Adaptive Mesh Refinement

COVID-19 Free Respirator Mask With Venturi's Valve

Sneezing Simulation

Ahmed Body TCFD Simulation Benchmark


Free Respirator Mask

Effectiveness of Venturi's valve attached to Face Mask.


Flows in Ultra-Thin Films

 Simulating thin films in designing organic solar cells.


ROV CFD Simulation

Make this your own.

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Let us know your feedback, or share your case with us

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