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What to expect from Virtual Flow Website

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Virtual Flow (VF) is trying to build the link between Computational Fluid Dynamics or (CFD) Expertise and the CFD Users. During my10 year's journey with CFD, I found many CFD resources, software (commercial and open-source), courses (paid and free) and online material.

So I decided to link this many resources and CFD the News, Updates, Problems and Best practices to one Website. I also try to help direct the new CFD users (students or professionals) to know the hidden CFD tricks. If you check our CFD knowledge database named Nexus you will find some useful resources regarding CFD for beginners.

Finally, I will encourage you to join us as a contributor, if you are interested to be a contributor please email me directly at (, just mention your interest to be one of our Website contributor.

The Idea behind Virtual Flow Knowledge Center (Nexus).

Is actually very simple!

As a CFD user/developer, I can see on a daily bases a high stream of information regarding the CAE community. Usually, I try to learn more about the recent updates, but it seems to be impossible to know everything!!

So, I will add more information about CFD updates in Nexus and our Blog, which will include links to the CFD expertise and study cases build based on my previous experience.

How is related to virtual Flow services

During my journey of getting useful information about CFD/FEA, I found many other users straggly to utilize the available tools to do what they need to do. That is why, VF consulting services was founded. We try to build a bridge between the people with experience and the CFD users, which will help both sides to develop and safe time.

If you do not have the time to learn about detailed CFD and FEA methods and solvers, you can check our CFD services. We can help you directly with your design process using Open Source tools. Also, we can automate your process and offer a number of design solution.

We use OpenFOAM as our main solver for most of our simulations. Based on OpenFoam different versions and distributions we customize our simulation setup to meet our CFD customers needs. If you are interested in getting a quick quote regarding our services, visit our website at

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