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CFD Solutions
for Your Industry


Virtual Flow CFD analysis makes a significant contribution in the Automotive industry to enhance comfort, safety and efficiency. Applications range from system level (e.g., exterior aerodynamics) to component level (e.g., disk brake cooling). The physics involved covering a wide range of flow regimes (i.e., incompressible, compressible, laminar, turbulent, steady and unsteady flows).

Furthermore, different data such as drag, downforce, balance and in-cylinder flow can be evaluated and as a consequence of this brake, fuel, exhaust and cooling systems can be calculated numerically and further optimized. 


Virtual flow has the ability to analyze any type of occupied space using CFD to predict air quality and thermal comfort before starting the installation process so that evaluating air distribution systems can be done faster and at a lower cost than completing physical testing.  


We offer enormous potential for design optimization (blade geometry, flow angles, mass flow rate and pressure drop) with detailed information on the flow pattern inside of rotating machinery such as compressors, turbines, pumps, fans, blowers and turbochargers. 

Accurate simulation of rotating machinery enables us to identify and overcome even the most complex design problems and evaluate alternative design iterations more quickly. As a result, it’ll increase efficiency, reliability and durability. 

Medical Devices 

The rapidly increasing cost of clinical research has been a key obstacle to innovation in the development of new medical devices. In Virtual Flow, we offer simulation-based product development and virtual prototyping which can help scientists to investigate and understand the flow behaviour of air, blood or a liquid chemical in the human body or in artificial organs.

CFD simulation enables medical device companies to perform investigations where experimentation does not exist or is costly or unethical, this increases confidence in the devices, increases innovation and reduces the cost of clinical trials. 


Virtual flow always appreciates environmentally friendly activities, we can help organizations assess their energy usage and the feasibility of replacing existing energy arrangements with renewable alternatives.

CFD simulations will help us model airflow around wind turbines, waves, air conditioning in the buildings, etc. Therefore, we can help you save money and develop your designs based on the simulation results. 

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